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Classic Escapes Feedback

Classic Escapes and Classic Holiday club are in the business of time sharing. They have been operating for many years now and have thousands of satisfied members who go on regular holidays and rave about it. Most of the Classic Escapes feed backs are praises for the impressive accommodation the company provides for their members. They are impressed with the location and amenities. Most, if not all, of the villas, apartments or rooms are fully equipped to make the stay pleasant. Big families have more than enough space to move around. There are facilities that every member of the family can enjoy so no one gets bored. Other Classic Escapes feedback is about the attentiveness of the Classic Escapes personnel. In rare instances when there are issues with accommodation, a simple phone call to classic will get them sorted out. Members also love that they can go on frequent vacations yet manage to save money. This is because Classic Escapes and Classic Holidays are experts in finding good deals when it comes to accommodation and flights as well.

How do Classic Escapes and Classic Holidays find their members? One way they do it is through Classic Escapes scratch and win or Classic Holiday Club scratch and win. They approach people with a scratch and win card. They usually set up booths in malls and other areas people frequent. If you play a scratch card, you get a chance of winning a special prize. One of these prizes is a holiday vacation. In order to claim the prize, the player must attend a sales presentation. To guarantee the attendance, a $50 fee is required. This is fully refundable upon attendance. During the presentation, the Classic Escapes or Classic Holidays marketing people will what their business is about. Yes, it is a sales pitch and no, you’re will not be forced to buy. All you need to do is listen and assess if what they offer is useful to your need. If, after the presentation, you are decided not to pursue, the most the company can ask from  you is a referral to friends or family who you may think may need their product.

Time sharing is a good investment for families who go on frequent vacations. It is a wise investment because it guarantees a vacation spot. There are many locations to choose from and you can enjoy them all by swapping times with other owners. Classic Escapes and Classic Holidays are established companies when it comes to time sharing. There may be unfavorable feed back here and there but most of these are from people who have no idea what time sharing is all about.

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